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TCE’s platform is designed to help boost your career coaching business, positioning you to attract more ideal clients leads and better prospects! Select your membership level by clicking the Apply Now button and filling out the application form to get started.
No payment due at this time. Once your application has been reviewed and your certification(s) verified, you’ll be notified via email that your application was approved and we’ll officially welcome you to TCE’s premier career network!
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  • NO pay-per-click fees. You keep 100% of sales that result from the client leads generated by your member listing with us.
  • Customized member profile page draws in job seekers and motivates them to contact you directly.
  • Audio “Welcome” Message to bring in the personal factor, a 3-minute audio will be part of your member profile. It will serve as a personal “Welcome” message directly from you that we will help you record.
  • Prospects/Job seekers have direct access to your business contact information.
  • Invited to to attend small business building and development training Expert Call webcast presentation/workshops with industry experts—for free!
  • Full list of Standard Membership Features

Are You a Certified Career Coach & Resume Writer? We have a package for you!

If you wish to be listed in our database network as a member coach and member writer, we offer a special rate. Use the APPLY NOW button to access the membership application form and select the Career Coach + Resume Writer special package option.

The TCE Difference

Membership within our vibrant network serves the needs of credentialed career professionals in the following ways:

    With our expert guidance, our members can affordably and reliably grow and market their businesses while establishing and building their brand as a career expert.
    The vast reach of our online resources draws in interested job seekers, who in turn become qualified client leads.
    We only allow verified certified career professionals into our exclusive membership network.
    We provide training from successful small business experts outside of the “careers” industry circle to broaden and develop the business building, marketing, and business management skills of our membership network.

Membership Includes

Individual Member Profiles

By joining TCE, you get a page designated for your member profile. It includes your photo, links to your website and social media, a written profile, and a form for job seekers to reach you directly!

Expert Call Webcasts

As a member, you also have access to member-only resources such as expert call training webcasts. Access full membership benefits here.

Premier Member Benefits

Premier members can become authors on our blog, have extended profiles, and achieve highlighted status throughout our correspondence—e-zines, social media, career expert search, and more!

Maria cares about her networking colleagues enough to locate the right people to deliver the right information to help in the right way! I’m very proud to be a member of her network. She has the wisdom to know how important it is for us to keep on learning, no matter how long we have been in the careers industry!
More About Jane
Jane Roqueplot, CPBA, CWDP, CECC
JaneCo’s Sensible Solutions
As a member of The Career Experts, I’ve found that Maria does a great job with the organization. She goes out of her way to serve members and is really interested in what you have to say. I’m impressed with the level of her work.
More About Sharon
Sharon Good, CC
Good Life Coaching, Inc.