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What Your Job Search “Really” Costing You

Partnering with a certified career coach should be view as an investment in your career. Working with a career coach allows you to really assess your situation, discover effective job search strategies, and can help you put your job search plan into action while supporting your 100% of the way.

Working with a certified career coach reduces the amount of wasted time you spend in your job search, saving you thousands in lost salary.

Using the formula below can help you determine how much you may be losing each week being unemployed. Just plug in your numbers.

  1. Annual salary $100,000
  2. Double that number ($100,000 X 2 = $200,000)
  3. Drop the last two zeros, which $200,000 now becomes $2,000
  4. Approximate weekly pay for a job with an annual salary of $100,000

It’s costing someone making an annual salary of $100K about $2,000 per week in lost salary for each week he/she is unemployed!

A certified career coach helps you make the most of your job search and in the shortest amount of time. Teaming with a career coach is “investing” in your career. Just by reducing your job search one week makes a BIG difference.

Yes, I’m ready to invest in my career – find my career coach!

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