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CEO Minute Article – Top 10 Tips for Great Idea Generation

24 Jun, 2010

CEO Minute Article – Top 10 Tips for Great Idea Generation

Top 10 Tips for Great Idea Generation

Great ideas can mean the difference between mediocrity and huge success, between boredom and passion. Whether you want to streamline the job search process, write a best-selling headline to attract new clients, or take your business to the next level, consider the following tips:

  1. Pay Attention – Awareness is the first step of anything. Take in all the details as they are; then you can begin to develop ideas to address the facts.
  2. Stimulate Creativity – What helps take your mind in different directions? A day off? Chasing your 2-year-old? Dancing? A mastermind group?
  3. Examine Your Beliefs – What thoughts keep you stuck in the same old same-old? Which ones sabotage your efforts or keep your ideas small?
  4. Play – Play with words. Play with concepts and characters. Play both inside and outside the box.
  5. Identify the “Juice” – What is it you LOVE to do? See if you can incorporate that–or the energy of it–into your ideas.
  6. Get Your Pen Moving – This writers’ trick works in all kinds of scenarios to generate great ideas. Just start writing.
  7. Notice What’s NOT Working – The heart of a problem is rich with possibility for creative solutions.
  8. Ask – Solicit input from people in your field (colleagues and professional network). Or, if you’re spiritually inclined, ask for guidance from what you consider your “higher power.”
  9. Be Open – Ideas can come from anywhere. You never know, your teenager (if you have one) may articulate just the thing that will work for your needs.
  10. Keep Track – Great ideas are often born while driving or running or sitting at the beach. Always keep something handy to capture them and jot them down.

Maria Hebda